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cabinBART brings benefits for all sides

The developed concept is based on the use of airsickness bags as trash bags, as already done by some airlines. But those conventional bags are not adapted to the different use case at all and only a compromise. Because cabinBART is adapted perfectly to its use scenarios in design and dimensions, it is no longer a compromise and brings real improvement.

Main User Benefits

Improved passenger comfort (especially during the meals)
Less dependance on service cycles (f.e.: Passengers can store their tray tables earlier after meals)
Improved freedom of movement and legroom in comparison to current solutions
Cleaner Flight, higher Hygiene

Main Airline Benefits

Less cleaning effort needed (leads to lower cleaning costs, lower cleaning time)
Because it is unique right now, the cabinBART has high potential to draw customers attention
Almost no effort needed to bring the product to the cabin, low costs (could even be sponsored)
Creates a strong, new touchpoint

Therefore, the cabinBART is an excellent possibility for a new product in the economy class!
Note: cabinBART is not a complete replacement for the airsickness bags needed in an emergency situation, it is an addition and meant to replace those bags which are given away aditionally as trash bags