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User Centered Design for Aircraft Cabins

cabinBART (Bag for Airsickness, Reusable Items and Trash) is a trash bag, which is optimized to support the passenger's needs in the best possible way during each stage of the flight. Its design is all about user centered design, process integration and perfect use of the little space available.
It has a special cardboard part integrated on its back, which allows passengers to attach it to the front seat in several positions, always perfectly fitting for the current activity without restricting the passenger's movements or activities.

1. During Meals
Clip the cabinBART onto the magazine pocket. This allows you to eat comfortably and dispose your trash.

2. Storing Tray Table (1)
After any meal, just push down the cabinBART into the magazine pocket. You now have both hands free to store your tray table easily.

3. Storing Tray Table (2)
You can store the tray table with one hand, while holding other stuff like your tray with your other hand.

4. Rest of the Journey
Attach cabinBART to the tray table. This position will not limit your legroom and leaning the knees to the front seat is still possible. Enjoy a clean and comfortable flight.

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